Cake Menu


Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Strawberry

Chocolate Berry

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate&Salted caramel

Chocolate salted caramel cupcakes

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Nut Cream

Peanut Butter cup

Black Forest

Chocolate Cream

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Berry

Vanilla Raspberry

Vanilla Nut Cream

Strawberries & Cream

Peaches & Cream


Toasted Coconut

Lemon Raspberry


And More

Cake sizes & P rices                     

2″ Cakes (serves 2) $20

4″Cakes (serves 3-4) $30

6″ Cakes (serves 6-8) $40

8″Cakes (serves 12-16) $55

10″ Cakes (serves 18-24) $70

12″ Cakes (serves 28-34) $85

1/2 Salb (serves 45-55) $125

Slab Cakes (serves 80-100) $250

Cupcakes 12 for $35 or 24 for $65

Mini cupcakes 12 for $24 or 24 for $45

Cake orders over $100 require a non-refundable deposit of 50%

Please call to order!

Lemon raspberry cupcakes

Additionally  Priced Items     IMG_7015

Carrot Cake                                                                 

Cheese Cake




Other Dietary Options

Chocolate & sugar art

Fondant Decorations                                                            IMG_6627

Airbrushing art   

Themed cakes


Wedding Cakes 

(Call for a free Consultation)



Birch bark wedding cake with with hand made flowers and humming birds. 


Geode and succulent wedding cake with peach ombre buttercream icing

Geode Cakes

4″ Cake $75

6″ Cake $100

8″ Cake $125

10″ Cake $150

Geode cakes come in any color and flavur you like!


Cake Betty makes everything fresh from scratch, using only the best and freshest ingredients! I use local organic farm eggs, and as much fresh organic products as possible!

Please Call To Order!


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